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Get ready for take-off at this hugely popular aviation-themed playground in the western part of Melb

Get ready for take-off at this hugely popular aviation-themed playground in the western part of Melbourne!

The Braybrook community has aviation in its DNA.

It was once the location of the number one Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) depot base, but this was closed down in 1993. Clues to the past are spread around Braybrook, among them a very popular aviation-themed playground.

The original playground built in 1999 was made out of wood, but this was sadly burnt down by vandals in 2015. There was a huge demand for getting the popular playground rebuilt. Maribyrnong City Council engaged KOMPAN to create a new vandalism-proof and themed play-space for the community.

The Airplane Playground

The Airplane Playground

The Corocord Airplane, designed and engineered by KOMPAN Design Studio, undoubtedly steals the show at the playground in Braybrook Park. The design hierarchy is well-thought through with a plane structure featuring challenges of increasing difficulty level from back to front. The tail and back section of the playground airplane is perfect for toddlers and young children, with rope climbing and rock-climbing elements to help build muscles, as well as a slippery slide for the ultimate reward. The front section and cockpit of the plane feature primarily the same elements, but on a large scale to challenge older children. Separating the front and back sections are the wings of the plane, which have a selection of swings hanging from them.







Braybrook Park Australia

Besides, the Corocord Airplane, many other play items complete the playground.

  • Inclusive play is present with Bird’s Nest Swings and a Bench Carousel.
  • Thrill is given by the spectacular Double Cableway.
  • Corocord Net Twister gives children a safe spinning sensation.

All in all, the playground offers hours of fun. With a scooter/bike track running around the perimeter of the park, a Tullamarine Airport flight path directly overhead, and Braybrook Library right next door, this community space has something for everyone.

The design retains the aeroplane and travel theme that was so popular from the old playground, with a whole lot of exciting new elements.

Cameron McDonald


Maribyrnong City Council

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