Legehus med balkon

Med sin balkon og fem forskellige paneler tilbyder dette legehus uendelige muligheder for sjov og interaktion for småbørnene. Hvert panel opfordrer til forskellige typer af leg og en balkon med rækværk gør det endda muligt for de voksne at være med. Social interaktion, finmotoriske færdigheder og det, at udforske, er essensen ved dette legehus.

    [item_number] => PCM002300-0601
    [item_name_1] => Legehus m. balkon
    [item_name_2] => Rød, m. træstolper
    [core_product] => 1
    [region] => reg_EME
    [future_state] => 50: Active
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    [current_state] => ACTIVE
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    [netto_weight] => 167.747
    [volume] => 1.5
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    [product_subline] => 2200
    [unit] => PCS
    [product_image_2] => PCM002300-0601.jpg
    [product_id] => 12217
    [attribute_kompan_color] => 16576
    [inventory_posting_group] => PLAYGROUND
    [installers] => 1
    [product] => yes
    [foundations_2] => 7
    [excavation_volume] => 0.17
    [installation_depth] => 0.6
    [assembly_time] => 8
    [item_number] => PCM002300-CUSTOM
    [item_name_1] => PCM002300 CUSTOM VARIANT
    [core_product] => 1
    [current_state] => VARIANT
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    [product_subline] => 2200
    [unit] => PCS
    [product_image_2] => ELE400019-12E.jpg
    [product_id] => 12217
    [inventory_posting_group] => PLAYGROUND
    [product_type] => 2

Legehus m. balkon

Rød, m. træstolper



Produktnummer: PCM002300

Produkttype: Legehuse

Produktgruppe: Traditionel Leg

0-6 Måned+

8 Timer , 1 Personer


Side drawing
Plan drawing
Produkt picture CAD1
Produkt picture CAD2
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With its balcony and five different panels this playhouse offers endless ways of fun and interaction for toddlers. Each panel encourage different kind of play and a balcony with railing will even allow care-givers to join in. Exploring, social interaction and fine-motor skills is the essence of this playhouse.

  • Sand tube: Passing sand through the sand tube is endless fun for tod?dlers. They learn about cause and effect, and their imagina?tions run wild as they find new, complex ways to play.
  • Peek-a-boo: This panel has curtains that children can open and close. For toddlers, playing peek-a-boo strengthens their understand?ing of object permanence.
  • Port window: This window is at child level and facilitates social interactions. It also encourages dramatic play _ in our tests, children often used it as a ship?s steering wheel!
  • Port with flaps: This port has rubber flaps that are fun to push through. The port itself functions both as an access to the structure and as a prop in dramatic play.
  • Shop counter: This shop counter has space for many children. When group size increases, children use more language and learn the complex rules of social interaction.


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