Tipi Carousel

The Tipi Carousel is a spacious, social, inclusive, wild or mild play activity which welcomes children from the age of four to whirl around while lying, sitting, or, even standing for the most adventurous. Apart from being great fun with friends or alone, the Tipi carousel trains the gross motor skills, in particular the vestibular system and the sense of balance. The variation in ways to use the carousel makes it highly inclusive, giving all children a chance to have a go. When pushing and spinning the carousel, the children get good cardio training, they train their leg, arm and core muscles and they train their motor skills, especially the sense of balance. 

Produktnummer: ELE400064

Produkttype: Supernova, karuseller og spinners

Produktgruppe: Traditionel Leg

4 - 15


Side drawing
Plan drawing
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