WOW! With its colourful climbing cleats, seats and handholds, the Discus is one big invitation to play. The highly motiva-ting balance, sway and climb experiences attract children again and again. The Discus  bounces back the child’s move-ments, adding an element of thrill and demanding concentration to every step. The upper and lower horizontal ropes and bouncy seats add the possibility to stop for a break. This makes the Discus a very social climbing unit, always offering a rest for less confident rope climbers. Meandering through the Discus trains the balance and cross-coordination. These are fundamental for cognitive skills such as concentration. Climbing here additionally trains muscle strength. When  passing friends in the Discus, turn-taking skills and co-operation abilities are used. All in all, a fun, versatile and social climbing event.

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Produktnummer: COR15172

Produkttype: Agilitynet

Produktgruppe: Klatrenet og Parkour

5 - 12


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