Giant Dome

WOW!  The GIANT Dome attracts children wildly. Hugely varied play activities ensure climbing, gliding, bouncing, swaying play retention. When climbing across the GIANT Dome to the top, children train important social-emotional skills such as empathy, cooperation and self regulation. The feeling of achievement in reaching the top up high makes the meetings there sweet. The climb journey develops the children’s strength and cross-coordination. These are crucial physical skills to train in a sedentary everyday. Apart from the rich physical play, active social play is encouraged in horizontal nets and membranes. On ground level, a choice of climb-over, through and up activities invite play. Swaying horizontal and vertical ropes, triangles and play shells accommodate active, fun retraction and meeting points for all to meet and make friends in play.

As add-on for the GIANT Dome the GIANT Dome Sunshade (CRE86700) is available. The GIANT Dome Sunshade helps provide high play comfort and protection in sunny climates.


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Mars, red


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Produktnummer: COR86700

Produkttype: Domes & Arches

Produktgruppe: Klatrenet og Parkour

5 - 12


Side drawing
Plan drawing
Produkt picture CAD1
Produkt picture CAD2

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