Dragite with house membrane

The vibrant colours and responsive, bouncy ropes, nets and membranes of the Dragite attracts children hugely. The varied climbing and meeting options make them want to come back again and again. The lower, yellow membrane squares provide a destination to climb to, bouncy seats that additionally support climbing onwards. This provides motion support in climbing for younger or less confident climbers, and variation for all. Additionally, the membranes function as meeting and retraction spots in the climbing landscape. The bigger mem-branes share this function. The main attraction is the bouncy climb up, down and across the Dragite. Concentration is needed when holding tight, as the ropes are inter-connected and reflect the movements of all climbers, throughout the net. This trains the muscles, cross-body coordination and spatial awareness, important for security in motion.


Dragitre m. membren


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Produktnummer: COR10491

Produkttype: Frame Net

Produktgruppe: Klatrenet og Parkour



Side drawing
Plan drawing
TÜV certifikat
TÜV certifikat
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Produkt picture CAD2

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