Maxite with house membrane

The Maxite with House Membrane offers a wild climbing experience in three-dimen-sional nets. The thrilling heights and trans-parency of action attract children again and again and make them want to come back. Membranes add fast, bouncy routes to the top and function as destinations and meeting points, too. The top membrane is a popular destination and trains turn-taking skills and cooperation. The bouncy, interconnected nets make the child feel its own and all the friends' movements when using the net. At this height that means risk assessment and concentration. The nets train important motor skills such as proprioception, spatial awareness and cross-body coordination. These skills are fundamental for risk assessment when for instance judging and navigating traffic securely. All major muscle groups are trained thoroughly when the child climbs the big meshes, holding on tight.


Maxite m. membran


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Produktnummer: COR10521

Produkttype: Frame Net

Produktgruppe: Klatrenet og Parkour



Side drawing
Plan drawing
TÜV certifikat
TÜV certifikat
Produkt picture CAD1
Produkt picture CAD2

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