The whimsical look of the Rider attracts children's curiosity. Irresistible, they just have to try it out! Due to the fine sensory and gross motor activities of the Rider, retention is ensured: the density of play activities in a cosy space is obvious. By the children or adults pushing or pulling, the Rider can be turned to face different ways. This trains major muscles and the spatial awareness. It also provides variety in play. The seat in the middle also functions as a table, and the steering wheel turns it into a vehicle, stimulating the children's imagination. The huge rounded window not only provides a great lookout to the outside, it also distorts the sound of the voice, a great attraction and cause and effect function, developing the children's logical thinking.







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Produktnummer: PCE501

Produkttype: ELEMENTS™ GROW

Produktgruppe: ELEMENTS™ Legestrukturer



Side drawing
Plan drawing
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