Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) in the School

Multi Use Games Areas in the school are popular, and both teachers and children are enthusiastic about them. Often capacity is the biggest issue.

Teachers uniformly say that those areas have meant more physical activity with fewer conflicts during breaks. The areas have also had the effect of more concentrated and willing-to-learn children in the classroom.

The children? They are just extremely happy to have what is their right respected. An open invitation to fun play.

In the video below, you can learn about the new KOMPAN MUGA system that can fit any school yard:

3 Tips for schools

1. Increase capacity by combining small MUGA solutions to have multiple play areas.

2. Keep the playing area close in the school yard to motivate more to be active. If necessary, choose a high transparent solution to keep balls safely inside the area.

3. Choose high quality products with lifetime warranty that will keep their appeal even with intensive use.

Click here to learn more about KOMPAN's concept



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