Agora Steel Bench with backrest

AGORA STEEL BENCH WITH BACKREST is a part of the awarded funiture line from KOMPAN. AGORA is developed according to the latest inclusive design principles for outdoor furnishing without compromising on design qualities. KOMPAN truly believes in making public spaces more attractive and accessible for all. AGORA offers a high level of flexibility when it comes to anchoring, color and material options in order to inspirit architectural creativity and to fit the site specific requirements for individual customer projects. The complete AGORA line is available in highly vandalism resistant steel versions where tabletop and seat are made of perforated HDG Steel, leaving very little need for maintenance. The steel versions are available in accent colours to e.g. support a city’s visual identity or make a statement.

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Agora stål bænk m. ryglæn

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Agora stål bænk m. ryglæn



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Produktnummer: PAR4054

Produkttype: AGORA

Produktgruppe: Parkmøbler


Side drawing
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